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My gamer tag is Detoriller. It means to untwine in French. :D

I really miss the before and after of performing in both field and indoor seasons. Because in field, when you were standing on the side of the endzone, you could hear the crowd already. You can see them and you can feel the wind on your face and the announcer’s booming voice as he announces your marching band and color guard and it was such an anticipation because you knew that the drums were going to start soon. When the other competitor was off the field, you’d take it in competition. And getting off was a mad rush to grab your things and get off as soon as possible without looking rushed and you’d have this big grin on your face because of the adrenaline and how proud/disappointed you were in your performance and damn it felt good to go out there and strut yourself for those few minutes.

And in indoor, it was the same anticipation as you waited outside of the door and the same rush but it was different. As soon as you get into the gym, it’s a mad dash on and off the floor. But it’s a good rush. Because you’ve pulled out your floor a million times. The crowd is quieter. You’re not on a field. Just the same familiar floor everytime. You still get the rush and you can feel the same adrenaline after the show because it was just you and your team doing well without the band or drumline. Just the music, the floor, the crowd, and the judges. And the judges! You can actually make out their faces and you maybe show off to them just a little bit more because, hey, you wanted to strut your stuff. 

But no matter what, you felt alive and everything was so clear and such a blur at the same time.And it was perfect

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